If you require artwork to a specific size or colouring please get in touch. We can discuss any requirements you may have and by doing so I can create the best work personally tailored for you and your own unique space.

In terms of commission I work and price a painting to size, style and colour preference.
The most common sizes I can work to are:

60x48 inch

These can be painted in either landscape or portrait.

Style of a painting is determined on past works you may like or any other independent ideas you may have (for example, to represent cherry tree’s you have in your garden).

Colouring can be decided based on past works or you can send images to me of the room the painting would be intended for, just as an example.

Once I gauge size, colour and styling you would like I can quote you the price and give an idea of how long the work would take to complete. All commissioned works are titled and come with a certificate of authenticity. They are normally crated in a wooden box and sent out free of charge.

Artwork is available directly and for information on latest originals and availability please don't be shy. If you are interested in a certain piece or curious about a commission please feel free to ask questions. There may also be latest works available which have yet to be featured on the site.

Don't forget to keep an eye on my social media pages. The best place for live information is the Facebook page as it is updated daily...



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